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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can come from various degrees of shoulder injuries that may or may not occur during a sporting activity. Shoulder pain is defined as pain and discomfort which occurs around the shoulder joint i.e. the joint which connects the upper arm to the neck and chest. Sports injury related shoulder pain can be resulted by straining of the muscles or spraining of ligaments connecting to the shoulder joint while performing an overhead throwing motion, or tackling action. According to research, most athletes usually tend to incur injuries to their shoulders with high frequency than non-athletes, although some conditions which are unrelated to physical activities can lead to shoulder pain also.

Typical Causes of Shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain


The shoulder joint is a kind of joint that allows for great mobility and thus it’s susceptible to injury. Basically, in a dislocation, the ball part of the shoulder joint pops out of socket thus causing damage to the surrounding tissues and eventually causing severe pain.


Separation of the shoulder joint occurs at the small joint where the collar bone meets the shoulder bone. This separation is named based on the severity of the ligament sprain associated with it. Types 3-5 separation usually requires surgery to be able to continue performing in sports.


This is condition whereby the tendons of a person’s body become inflamed and irritated as a result of recitative rubbing from poor alignment and function of the shoulder blade during arm movement. Rotator cuff is a small muscle that helps the shoulder to rotate the arm outward and inward. Sometimes the rotator cuff’s tendons and biceps tendon can rub on the bones or other structures and eventually become afflicted with tendinitis. This can lead to a person experiencing extreme pain in his/her shoulder.

How to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Applying Ice:

Applying ice to the painful area can help in relieving the pain. When the pain starts to slightly lessen, you may start exercising your shoulder according to the home exercises prescribed by a Certified Athletic Trainer or Physical Therapist .

Stretching your Arm:

Stretches will target the top of the shoulder whereby your arms insert into the shoulder blade. Try to make a 90 degree angle with your arms. Grasp your elbows and push them up towards the top of your head. Since shoulder pain is normally caused by the tearing of cartridge or ligaments in your shoulder, it’s always important that you stretch and strengthen the affected area in order to relieve the pain.

Crossing the Arms Across the Chest:

Cross your arms across the chest area and then grasp your elbow and pull it towards the opposite direction. Generally, this stretch will effectively stretch your shoulder blade and in the end relieve pain in your shoulder. Note that the shoulder blade is a part of the shoulder joint which holds your arm in its socket.

If possible, it is also recommended that in your attempt to get rid of shoulder pain you hire a athletic trainer or physical therapist who will help you in rehabbing your shoulder.

Last, but not least, it is essential that in case the pain persist you seek the advice of a qualified physician.