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Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain is reported to statistically only make up 15% of all sports injuries, but 50% of knee injuries result in a visit to the doctor’s office. Therefore, when the knee is injured, it is very likely to cause a temporary disability or a debilitating pain.

Cupping for Knee Pain

Cupping for Patella Tendonitis Knee Pain

Knee pain is the number one reason our patients come to us. Efficient Movement’s Scottsdale Sports Medicine Center specializes in all knee pain treatments. We provide knee therapy for surgical and non-surgical sport injuries – patella tendonitis, ACL Reconstruction, Arthroscopic knee surgeries, Osgood Schlatter’s, Patella tracking mal-alignments, and more.

Chronic or intermittent knee pain, that hasn’t lasted for many years, is usually hard to detect on MRIs or other imaging, therefore resulting in physicians unable to help. In addition, chronic or intermittent knee pain conditions in an active athlete is difficult for traditional physical therapy to be effective due to the underlying cause of knee pain to actually be stemming from another part of the body, such as the hip or foot. Therefore, a whole body approach to treatment utilizing very non-traditional, functional types of exercises and flexibility methods are necessary to overcome this pain and prevent it from coming back. These are the patients that eventually find us and come to us to get over their knee pain very quickly.


Physical Therapy

Muscle Energy Technique – Pelvic Alignment

At Efficient Movement, it is our mission and passion to get down to the ultimate cause of your knee pain and prevent future knee injuries from occurring. Many repeat or chronic knee injuries are caused by repetitive overuse strain from poorly aligned pelvic structures, such as hip flexor and quadriceps muscles that alter the biomechanics of the knee through multiple movement patterns. These altered biomechanics cause repetitive strains from re-directed forces. Efficient Movement adopts Gray Cook’s three Rs concept in rehabilitation of sports injuries and sports performance exercises; RESET, REINFORCE, RELOAD. We reset your body’s “alignment” per se and then reinforce the muscles that would help hold this “alignment”. The final stage is to reload with sport-specific movement patterns of jumping, landing, cutting and with resistance.

Visit our ACL Therapy page for more specific information on our ACL Physical Therapy program.


Knee Motion


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