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Speed Training

Speed Training

Are you looking to Run faster? Jump Higher? Be More Explosive? Then, you found the perfect place!

All the lunges, squats, box jumps, bungee cord runs and sled pulls you can do will not fully optimize your speed, unless the hips are optimally positioned and the technique of exercises are perfect with every rep. This is a very important concept many athletes and strength coaches forget to focus on.

Elite Athlete Training ExercisesEfficient Movement, located in Scottsdale, Arizona is the best place to learn how to run faster and move more explosive. We guarantee you will be faster and more explosive in less than 3 weeks!! Our expert speed training coaches know and understand the body better than any other speed coach you have encountered.

hip mobilityOur secret is in optimizing your hips! Hip mobility and hip flexor flexibility combined with optimal pelvic tilt positioning and glute strength is the secret to quick speed development that lasts! Each session targets a very involved hip mobility series, hip flexor stretching and soft tissue work, glute activation and strengthening, and transfer of force techniques. The ability to utilize your glutes to the optimal performance capability is the important to optimize a very important principle, called Triple Extension.

Learn more about How to Run Faster and optimizing triple flexion and triple extension! It’s so cool when you get to feel the difference in your speed, even after the first couple sessions.


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