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ACL Therapy

ACL Therapy

ACL Therapy

ACL injuries are not fun. There is a lot of fear over athletes, parents and coaches when an athlete goes down with a knee injury such as an ACL tear. At Efficient Movement, we like to spend a lot of time educating our athletes and parents on what they will experience from time of injury through the time they return to playing their sport. We believe quality education, regarding a knee injury like this, is essential to limit the amount of fear or mis-understanding an athlete may have through the multiple stages of healing.

Post ACL Physical Therapy Program

Traditional physical therapy is only one component of ACL therapy. Sport-specific athlete training is another very important part to avoid re-injury. This is the most important component of recovering and returning to play following an ACL tear. It is essential the head-to-toe biomechanics of the athlete are optimized for the demands of their sport PRIOR to returning to cutting, jumping and pivoting movements.

Health Insurance that covers traditional ACL Physical Therapy is very basic and ONLY covers a small timeline and component of strengthening involved with ACL therapy. Traditional physical therapy protocols for ACL surgery recovery does not include the ideal strengthening that needs to occur at the core and hips and foot/ankle. In addition, traditional physical therapy for ACL injuries does not include training the body and knee to accommodate the sport-specific requirements that the body and knee will need to utilize to successfully return to sport without a re-injury (to the surgery knee or opposite knee).

So often, you hear of athletes tearing their opposite knee within the first weeks or months of returning to play. This is because the “cause” of the initial knee injury was not able to be addressed during traditional physical therapy.

Please speak with the sports medicine experts at Efficient Movement if you or your child has obtained an ACL injury. Do not rely on what your health insurance says is needed for ACL Physical Therapy. Do not be that statistic that tears their ACL injury multiple times or on both legs!! Call us Today and make sure you utilize Efficient Movement prior to returning to your sport.

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