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Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy for athletes is an alternative medicine that utilizes a manual suction device and cups to release restricted fascia from underlying muscle fibers and increase blood flow in areas that have had fascia restrictions develop from prolonged muscle tightness.

Athletes benefit greatly from sport and orthopedic cupping therapy, due to the ability to improve flexibility in a timelier manner than just rolling or stretching muscles. Cupping therapy paired with foam rolling and soft tissue massage results in substantial mobility and flexibility within one treatment session.

Cupping is not always the best method to improve flexibility, but it is one of the many great methods to improve flexibility and release fascia. As a sports medicine professional, I like to have an entire toolbox of methods and tools that I can choose from to ensure I can provide the most efficient treatment for knee pain, shoulder pain and back pain.

Cupping therapy

Circle bruise marks

These circle marks definitely stand out after going through a cupping therapy treatment, but no worries,these are a great sign of you getting better blood flow where adhesion were formed.

Common injuries for Cupping

Cupping therapy is very effective for injuries such as: shoulder impingement injuries, chronic shoulder pain, low back pain, hip tightness, knee pain, patella tracking alignment, hamstring strains, and many more sports injuries.

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