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Cryotherapy Used in Athletes

Cryotherapy is the process of adding cold to the body to aid in healing through vasoconstriction. The most common application of cold treatement , that most people have done, is placing an ice pack on an injured area. There are various methods of “icing” the body to decrease inflammation from sports injuries.

Traditional/Convenient Method        Vs.        Modern day/Advanced Method

Localized, convenient, effective                                                  Whole body, more expensive, very effective

ice bag-knee                                                                              cryosauna_client-165x300

The newest and most advanced Cryotherapy method is going into a Whole Body Cryotherapy machine. Dr. Oz promotes this type of cryotherapy.

At Efficient Movement, we strongly encourage our athletes to attend a cryotherapy session periodically and with chronic injuries. Check out more information at www.ScottsdaleCryotherapy.com

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