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Our Services

Our Services

Sports-related Injuries

  • Injury assessment
    • We evaluate any non-emergency sports-related injury and determine the best plan of action for you to save you money and provide immediate injury care (i.e. determine if x-rays needed, referral to orthopedic physician, physical therapy, etc) The assessment is FREE, so please do not hesitate to call us to get it evaluated.
    • Identifying the ultimate cause of the injury (poor or imbalanced biomechanics)
  • Sports related injury physical therapy
    • Injury Massage – Massage for swelling or spasms,
    • Manual Therapy – joint mobilizations, Graston/ASTYM scraping techniques
    • Strengthening and preparing return to play in a timely manner
  • Patient education for injury care to return to play sooner

Speed & Agility Training

  • Improve Running Form
  • Speed Development
    • This is a whole-body approach to speed development. Beware your speed development will be drastic within 6-10 weeks!
  • Lateral quickness
  • First-Step Explosion
  • Overall Athleticism Improvement

Strength Training

  • Youth strength training
    • Don’t be scared parents, youth athletes need to be building strength, BUT IT MUST BE DONE CORRECTLY!
  • Proper strength training techniques to optimize efficiency of weight lifting programs
    • Every athlete (of any age) that is participating in any weight lifting should learn the PROPER techniques and more importantly, the proper body positioning with lifting to develop the correct muscle recruitment patterns. Improper lifting is one of the main reasons for increased injuries in youth sports! This is essential to every athlete. Please do yourself / your child a favor and schedule with us now to learn how to get more out of your weight lifting. Every athlete that comes through this program says within first 2-3 sessions… “I have never felt my muscles work this much”! And the best part is, you will be lifting drastically more weight just within 2 weeks from learning these techniques.

Team Training

  • Team Training – at our gym
  • Team Training – at your location
  • Coach’s workshop – team training with the mindset of preventing (This is one of our most requested services for teams)
  • Small group team training – team training divided out into 3 different levels of athleticism across team (This program gets the best results!)
  • Call (602) 3558-8862 or email info@efficientmovement.com for team rates

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Schedule Your Full Body Assessment Now!

Our 90-minute Full Body Assessments are very involved. We thoroughly assess the biomechanics of multiple sport-related movement patterns to determine, any and all, imbalances and weaknesses that we need to address in order to optimize your sports injury recovery and/or sports performance results.

Call Today to schedule your Assessment!

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