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Hip Flexor Stretches

Hip Flexor Stretches are important for every athlete!

Hip Flexor flexibility is essential to developing speed, agility, and preventing many lower body sports-related injuries. When the hip flexors muscles are tight, they restrict the full potential of the glute muscles and don’t allow for full hip extension. Glutes are the most important muscles for leg power in running, jumping, and cutting. The hip flexors and quads are not as easy to stretch in comparison to the hamstrings. Many athletes stretch their hamstrings way too much. We encourage our athletes to stretch their hip flexors and quads 3 times more than the time they spend stretching their hamstrings.


Excellent Hip Flexor Stretches






Wall Quad
This is a wall quad stretch. The real emphasis is the rectus femoris, the two joint quadricep.

Kneeling Box Hip Flexor Stretch
This is the best self -stretch we have found for the hip flexors. The key is to position the body so that the hip is internally rotated to get maximum stretch on the psoas and iliacus.

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