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Evidence-Based Research

Efficient Movement believes Evidence-Based Research is essential to provide the best sports medicine and sports performance knowledge to our athletes.

Listed below are research articles we encourage you to read, to understand what we do and how we treat sports injuries with our athletes.


Knee Injuries in Female Athletes

ACL prevalence – Why Rising Statistics?

Prevention of Knee Injuries in Females

Prevention of Knee Injuries

Prevention of knee injuries & improve cutting, jumping, and running biomechanics

Improvements in Hip Muscle Performance Result in Increased Use of the Hip Extensors and Abductors During a Landing Task

On hip and lumbar biomechanics. A study of joint load and muscular activity

Hip load moments and muscular activity during lifting


Leg Strength & Power Development

Triple-Hop Distance as a Valid Predictor of Lower Limb Strength and Power

Core Stability

Good to the Core

Nutrition for Athletes

Nutrition Guidelines (Calculation) for HS Athletes

Natural ways to increase O2 Saturation in a High School Athlete

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole-body cryotherapy in athletes

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