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Sports Performance at Efficient Movement is definitely not the normal weightlifting program that many athletes participate in to become stronger athletes. Efficient Movement believes that sports performance development training should emphasize stability, mobility, optimal length-tension relationship, triple flexion-extension principle, and strength.

Athletic strength programs all over the U.S. are starting to equally combine sports medicine and strength training to develop the optimal athlete with significant reductions to injuries. A great example of what we do, you can read about with Standford University’s article, redefining strength, published in the New York Times.

Stage 1: Injury Recovery and/or Prevention Sports Performance Program

Sports Performance TrainingOur injury prevention sports performance program is focused on the demands of your sport and your position, as well as the results we find from a 90-minute thorough full body assessment. We address all muscular imbalances, immobile joints, flexibility, strength deficits, and the biomechanics of your sport.


Stage 2: Foundational Strength Program

How to Run FasterThis program is designed specifically for those athletes that will be entering high school soon and will be involved in a pretty in-depth weight lifting program at school. With this program, we emphasize teaching proper weight lifting form and fix any imbalances that may be present in your body. We build the foundation, just like building a house. With a strong, stable foundation, you can safely lift heavier weights through your high school weight lifting program, without experiencing multiple injuries or ineffective strength building.

Stage 3: Speed & Agility Sports Performance Program

Speed and agility is our forte. At Efficient Movement, due to the strategic steps we take to develop speed, our athletes get significant results at this stage. Our focus is optimizing triple flexion-extension biomechanics and we build upon the foundation we enhance.

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Actual Results at Efficient Movement

20 yard sprint improvements at 4 weeks and 10 weeks with High School, Middle School, and College and Pro Athletes

Speed Training Results


Speed Training Results


Speed Training Results

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