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How To Run Faster

How to Run Faster?

This is the most common question I hear. If I had to give only a one-phrase answer, then it is summed up to “optimizing triple flexion-triple extension”. Now what does that mean? Triple flexion-triple extension is the position of the legs during running. This position allows for optimal force production.

Triple Flexion - Triple Extension

How to Run FasterTriple Extension – Back power leg, Hip Extension, Knee Extension, Plantar Flexed Foot

Triple Flexion – Front Deceleration leg, Hip Flexion, Knee Flexion, Dorsiflexed foot


Important Steps to take to Run Faster:

1. Hip Flexor Stretching and Soft Tissue Massage (or Foam Rolling)

untitled-6554 thomas stretch Foam Rolling

2. Hip Mobility Routine completed prior to every workout

SI Mobes Hip Mobility hip mobility

3. Glute Medius Activated

Glute Medius Exercise Glute Med Activation

4. Core Activated (More specifically is the Transverse Abdominis needs to be fully activated)

best ab exercise planks

5. Optimize triple flexion and triple extension

triple flexion and triple extension 3-cone drill_edited


6. Resistance Training optimizing triple flexion and triple extension

speed training

7. Explosive training optimizing triple flexion and triple extension

bounding drill bungee cord runs Box jumps
8. Strength training to strengthen muscles needed to increase running leg power

Kettle bell swing for running pistol squats

9. Practice! Practice! Practice PERFECT technique!!

Sprint Starts / Coming out of the blocks

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