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2014 & 2015 Best Businesses of Scottsdale Award in Sports Medicine Category

Efficient Movement is a company dedicated to developing athletes into the most optimal athleticism they can achieve, with an important emphasis on preventing as many non-contact sports injuries as we can.

We focus on these components with every athlete and patient:

  • Identify and minimize all biomechanical imbalances throughout the body
  • Optimize pelvic positioning and stability
  • Develop Proper & Significant Core Strength
  • Teach Proper Weight lifting form – i.e. Squat, Lunge, Push-up, etc
  • Improve Running Form & Speed
  • Improve Overall Athleticism
  • Prevent and Recover from Injuries
  • Improve Lateral Speed & Quickness
  • Improve Jumping & Landing
  • Improve Nutrition In-take

Our philosophy is formed through the principles of physics and a combination of multiple recognized sports medicine and sports performance experts’ philosophies:

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Achieving Superior Athletic Results!


Newton’s 3rd Law of Physics

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction


Muscle Force Length – Tension Curve Principle

Principle that a muscle too short or too long can not produce optimal force.


Sportsmetrics Program

ACL injury prevention program scientifically proven to help young athletes avoid non-contact ACL injuries and improve performance.



Principles on functional movement systems


Center of Gravity/Mass of Human Body

Optimizing center of mass with specific movement patterns results in better force production and less injuries


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