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Efficient Movement’s Philosophy on Injury Care Physical Therapy

We take an approach to physical therapy and injury rehabilitation that is unique and effective. Our philosophy is to get efficient results by utilizing a “hands-on” approach and a very extensive biomechanical assessment. Our backgrounds in sports medicine, physical therapy, and strength and conditioning gives you an innovative solution to injury care that is more efficient and effective than anything else you have tried. Our Testimonials are endless!

Have you recently sprained your ankle, twisted your knee, locked up your back or do you have a nagging injury that you still haven’t gone to a physician or physical therapist for yet?

We can help you get better in only a few visits! We can take care of you without a referral from a physician. We can take care of you without making you visit us a minimum of 12 visits. We are a private-pay business. We do not accept insurance, therefore, we don’t have insurance regulations that only allow us to work certain body parts, or a maximum number of modalities. It’s wonderful! You get quick care across your entire body and substantially quick results!

Have you had physical therapy, but still occasionally have pain?

Physical Therapy

At Efficient Movement, we are sure to get down to the “cause” of the problem, rather than just take care of the “problem”. We do not just treat the symptoms. We assess your entire body biomechanics in sport and your activities of daily living to determine which biomechanical flaws may have resulted in your injury.

Have you been putting off surgery and would like to still be pain-free throughout the activities of your daily living?

You have found the perfect place! We understand that surgery costs and daily schedules result in prolonged surgery, but we can work with you to decrease the amount of pain you have in your joint, while you still build and maintain muscle strength and cardio. Our hands-on approach of physical therapy and strength training combination will give you a quality of life you may not imagine was possible prior to surgery.


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Our 90-minute Full Body Assessments are very involved. We thoroughly assess the biomechanics of multiple sport-related movement patterns to determine, any and all, imbalances and weaknesses that we need to address in order to optimize your sports injury recovery and/or sports performance results.

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