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AUGUST SPECIAL $199/month UNLIMITED Training & Injury Care therapy sessions during the month of August!

This offer is for any type of training or therapy for any age, any fitness level or any sports injury.
For more details visit: August Special

*Must be paid online or in person PRIOR to August 1st. Call or Text our office NOW! (480) 543-8191. (Offer is NOT valid if enrolled after August 1st).

Welcome to Efficient Movement’s Scottsdale Sports Medicine & Training Center!

Efficient Movement Scottsdale Sports Medicine & Training Center provides sports injury therapy and sports performance for dedicated athletes of all ages and sports.

Efficient Movement’s athlete training center is exclusive to those inured and non-injured athletes that want quick, permanent and extraordinary results in a timely manner. Rather you come to us for rehabbing acute or chronic sports injuries or for speed training, agility training, or developing overall athleticism, you will be sure to achieve immediate and superior athletic results!


2014 & 2015 Best Businesses of Scottsdale Award in Sports Medicine Category

Efficient Movement’s Scottsdale Sports Medicine & Training Center offers more than just basic injury care, we offer, advanced treatment methods for all sports injuries, thorough injury assessments, Prevention of Injury Programs, Individual & Team Sports Performance, Speed Training, Youth Athlete Developmental Programs & Elite / Professional Athlete Biomechanical Optimization Programs.

The sports performance coaches and sports medicine specialists, at Efficient Movement, take a very different approach to our athletes when training them or rehabbing their injuries. Our focus is placed on optimizing the biomechanics of the athlete. Most specifically, we focus on and optimize the biomechanics of Triple Extension / Triple Flexion with regards to running, jumping, landing, and cutting. We believe any (large or small) deficiencies within these biomechanics, joint-by-joint, may result in inefficient athletic movement patterns and/or sports injuries.